School of the Feminine Divine

I joined the School of Feminine Divine, full of self doubt and fear, living a life of busyness, stressed with over commitments, constantly seeking other people’s approval. I had lost myself in the role of being a wife and a mother. By joining the school I took the step into the unknown and made a commitment to myself.

Through my studies and inner reflection I was able to travel deep inside myself to regain my power as a woman.  I now value my place in the world, stand in my own personal truth and open myself to new opportunities where I can find joy and beauty.

The school allowed me to find my inner silence, providing me with tools to command the space for me to relax, reflect and regain my balance.   The support offered by the other students was so welcoming and refreshing, rich with knowledge of their own experiences.

If you are wanting to do something for yourself, I totally recommend the School of the Feminine Divine.  Step into the journey of self discovery, you may be surprised at what you find within!

Sharon Pearl
Advanced Diploma of Sacred Arts

Before enrolling for this school I thought I was living ... having completed my first semester I understand this to be not entirely true. but it was like I have been taking shallow breaths all my life and now I am learning to breath deeply.


Being involved in the School has changed my life beyond all my hopes and expectations.
Every day I call upon some aspect of the teachings from school to help me.  
I have a wide range of experiences, practices and skills to assist my development.
I am more creative. I am more confident. I am powerful.
I am following my knowing to fulfill my divine purpose last I have come home to my true self.


My 3 years under the wings of the School of the Feminine Divine have been more profound than words can currently describe.  When I first enrolled I felt broken with many areas of my life needing great healing.  I feel very blessed to have committed to the School and have received so much.  The support of the mentors and Amamelia is wonderful and has helped me realise so many things I couldn’t have come to on my own.  No matter your life journey, the esoteric nature of the curriculum will be perfect to assist your evolution and enhance the life you came to live.  I have gained beautiful tools that I will put to use in the years to come.  I feel like my life has been refreshed and so many more doors are open now thanks for the School.  I recommend it to all who wish to be the change they see in the world.  

Liz Jury

Being a student of The School of The Feminine Divine has been a deep, lifechanging experience.  Healing and finding my true passions and living this.I am more connected with the nature, others and myself, also my inner and outer worlds. In the past I felt a division between my 'spiritual' and 'everyday' life, I now experience harmony and wholism, a melding of these. Transformative in the most positive sense.

The retreats have been a precious opportunity for healing, remembering and recovering my essential self.   

Mentoring I have received has been nurturing, empowering and of great wisdom.  

This beautiful School is truly a School of Heart, for me I have been gently awakened with Beauty, Grace, Love
and Joy.  I would encourage anyone that is drawn, to follow the call. 

What a wonderful time the retreat was. I feel fundamental changes within myself, peace, joy, love, acceptance.
A homecoming. Thank you so much for this beautiful school.


Kia ora

I found Amamellias card in Sun Ray health shop Dunedin,
It was a whoosh moment and i just KNEW i ‘had to’ get into the School of the Feminine Divine.

I had heard of the magnolia tree initiation earlier however this was the first thyme i heard of the school of the Feminine Divine. When AMA spoke to me on the phone i felt this huge expansion,
When i heard her speak the Language of Light i felt ecstatic.

I laboured over my application...
Would i be accepted?wasi good enough? It felt so monumentously important i cried and cried.
I waited to open the curriculum on the Solstice! The magick unfolding.

Really how i can best describe it is like when i gave birth to my daughter,i still clearly remember her coming down and that profound sense of this is a new beginning for me a new life...transition...initiation ,through childbirth into a mother ,through the school into a woman of power!

Really being aware of the utter sacredness.

Soul Destiny.

The curriculum is out of this world! How much we cover/discover,how our folders evolve and each Sistars/Brothers journey is so unique and personal.I love this about the school!
The assignments truly take on a life of their own...

We have all the resources we require and more IS revealed.

Some sacred heartline spiralwork i needed to burn i could not have it in my house that was ok.
I thought i couldn’t draw or paint so how could i make medicine wheels every week?that was ok.
I got mad about one of the pages in the resource book,that was ok!
At one point the masculine card out of the powerdeck kept coming up for me everythyme and i felt infuriated,
that was ok!

I have been really challenged and really pushed to fully heal myself and allow myself to heal fully.

A metamorphosis.

The sacred art is healing on the deepest level somehow pulling out of me parts i never knew where even there... like having no idea what on earth to do and just walking in my garden and picking up a stick and finding a feather , i even got a randomparcel in the post containing all the colours i needed of the medicine wheel for the power doll i was co creating!!!...or the thyme a hawk flew above me and dropped a feather into my lap! Oh and my sacred appletree dropped a branch when i needed something to make my talking stick with!

I have gone out and started digging in the earth to find all these rocks i needed to co create a sacred altar...just like that.

Having a loving mentor and our regular phone link ups is just such a dynamic part of the journey and how often we would be experiencing very similar occurrences and emotions!

The full moon and new moon link ups i still adore and initially felt quite blown away by,the visions,the journeys.The deep deepsilence.

The beautiful codes The Goddess codes the crystalflowercodes...
Powerful healing work

Truly being held in the mothers love.
Truly loving and supporting each other and being loved and supported!

The retreats are incredible coming together in divine love...
Truly being shining lights anchoring the love of the Mothers prescence into Aotearoa!
Beyond my wildest dreams!

The School of the Feminine Divine has shown me who I AM
Where i come from and why I AM here!

Gifting me this clean, clear pure connection to Spirit...

Within my heart,
Above me,
With the Ascended Masters
With the Angelic realms
With my Goddess.
Facilitating ever closer connections with the nature spirits,elementals,deva,treesflowers,stars!
Through our work within the school we all write decrees and call for the healing of earth,
We manifest the garden of eden/edon here on earth!

We co create acts of beauty...we reach our highest potential and exceed it!I AM honoured to be a part of the School of the Feminine Divine and i welcome you to come, follow your heart!


My experience for this first semester,
For me, there has been some big challengers that I have had to face this first semester and I feel that without the teachings of the school and the mentoring sessions I may not have moved through them as quick and with as much understanding. Working with the archangels has brought me closer to love for myself and the appreciation of the journey others have to take on their paths. This work for me takes me to where I know Ive come from and where I will return to.

The mentoring has been a blessing, the clarity from those sessions always brought me back to the awareness of truth for myself, as I tend to slip in and out of reality and create scenarios that do not serve me.
With much love and and many Blessing Thank you Amamelia.


I am learning to express myself more fully and from an honest & personal heart space and find my own creativity in many ways in my daily life. I am learning to drop judgement of myself (and others) and don’t need to compare myself to others and their work and successes so much anymore as this is uniquely MY own journey.

So all in all: as I am healing through integration.

This journey has already been one of the most important and worth while journeys I’ve ever taken in this life. My life is richer. I am learning to stand in my power and to walk in beauty.

.. and I know that it will continue to be a journey with more learning and integration till the day I die.
I feel blessed and supported to become who I truly am.


My experiences of the first Semester:

The invitation for joining the school of the Feminine Divine came to me about a year ago and I am grateful for this opportunity.

When I looked at the guidelines for the first semester I was filled with wonder, expectations and doubt. What I read was so out of the square of how I had been brought up and lived my life, this filled me with excitement and anticipation.

Having completed this first semester of the school, I can say that every week was like a new experience in my life and there were so many ‘aha’ moments of things that I had known deep inside but not brought into my presence. I can feel a slow awakening of my senses, of my whole being.

I have learned that is it is ok to work at my own pace with my understanding as it is now and not feel that I have to keep up with everyone else to fulfill the work of the semester. It is a great feeling to know that understanding will manifest itself when the right time comes.

I know that if I set the intent, anything is possible, so the living with intent is what I now want to work on.

Living in the ‘now’ and blessing the happenings of the day is one aspect I want to integrate in my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading materials for the work we were doing and found myself reading the books more than once because every time there was some new understanding.

Meditation and journal writing was something new to me and still takes effort to do at times. The weekly medicine wheels show me the importance the journaling has, as it will bring back happenings in life that are so easily forgotten or pushed out of our minds.

Each student has a mentor and every two weeks there is a session with this mentor and this was another wonderful experience for me as the sessions were a time when I got feedback of my work, could ask questions, was encouraged to keep going. A time when I was feeling wrapped up in love and acceptance.

In October we had a retreat to deepen our learning and getting together with women from all stages of the school. This was a wonderful experience as it gave us insight of the learning the other students had in the School of the Feminine Divine.

I love this school as it encourages me to look inside my life and learn to accept and bless my experiences at a deeper level than I ever had before. I feel truly blessed.

Ursula , 1 st year student

"Studying for the Sacred Arts Diploma with the School of the Feminine Divine for the past year has been a colourful and amazing journey.  During this time I have revisited and found closure with some burdens from my past that were holding me back.  I have found a way to honour my own truth and to live according to the values dear to my own heart ; whilst at the same time re-investigating those values.

 By exploring my creative abilities I have surprised myself in observing the wisdom I already hold - I AM much more aware of this now and it is a strength to me. To acknowledge what is sacred; to live a sacred life is such a blessing to this world, to this universe and even to our own backyards!

 I highly recommend this curriculum to all who seek to understand more about why the Feminine aspect of God/Goddess has been so desecrated and forgotten for so long by so many people. The mentoring is great and you will be well looked after on your journey. Namaste! "  


Belonging to The School of The Feminine Divine is  living a dream.Through the sacred  creative artwork  i have accessed   parts of myself   i never knew existed.I have learnt  more than i thought it possible to learn...and  more is  yet to come!

Attending the school retreat  is a miracle and for me realising a dream of  wise women  joining together  in celebration and ritual..My experience  of the drumming,chanting and journeying    on the  retreat is lifechanging.Very healing.The Goddess Peace resides in my heart.
 In our school humour is ever present.

LOVE,JOY,PEACE,HEALING & HAPPINESS!I am so grateful  to have  my sisters in the school and that we join together in Temples of Light.We are connected to something bigger than ourselves.

The mentoring process  is like renewing  the old ways a special bond  of spiritual teacher and apprentice  this way of learning works on many levels the giver also receiving.

Amamelia is LIGHT &  DIVINE LOVE.Her voice is medicine to me  like coming home .

The School of The Feminine Divine is a way  i can bring  love and light into  my life  and into my heart and  i mean in a very real sense my heart is full.Every day i am  focused on  Angels  , Lady Masters and The Great Goddess.My intent  is to be the very  best  i can be,to myself be true and  to live my Spiritual path with honour.

I always wanted harmony and balance and integration in my life  but i never really knew what  that  meant or how to get it and now  i do!I have met the wise woman within and what i need to know is revealed to me.I feel loved and cared for!Archangel Faith is beside me.I have faith!.

For me  I  JUST KNEW   i wanted this learning  in my life.  Studying  with   The School of the Feminine Divine  is   important and the right path for me.We are guided and l  am so  grateful i was guided here.
Blessings and love Haley 1st year student


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