School of the Feminine Divine

Diploma in Sacred Arts
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Remembering the Sacred Feminine
  • remembering the Goddess within

  • La Ultima Madre

  • living with Ascended Lady Masters and Feminine Archangels

  • exploring a life of balance

  • using the medicine wheel in everyday life

  • shamanic self-healing

  • working with nature and the deva

  • opening the gateway to your heart

  • exploring love and power in your life
There are three major threads interwoven within the school and its teachings.

Sacred feminine ways of learning
Sacred feminine shamanic practices, including meditation, journeying, working with power animals and deva, sacred tools and the medicine wheel.

Accessing feminine knowledge and wisdom
Working co-creatively with feminine deity, feminine archangels and angels, ascended lady masters and other feminine celestial light beings.

Consciously living a sacred life in the everyday world
Supporting the development within each student of their intuition, body-mind interconnectedness, life-enriching daily practices, creative expression, the balance of love and power and living a sacred life.
Before enrolling for this school I thought I was living... but it was like I have been taking shallow breaths all my life and now I am learning to breath deeply.
Amy - 1st year student
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