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A Vision of Victory for the Mother's Presence

Quilt to Honour the Mother


You are invited to contribute to the making of a Quilt honouring the Feminine Divine within and above. The intent is for the quilt to be a bridge and a gift to the future vision of the Mothers Presence in Aotearoa, New Zealand. You are invited to stitch with sacredness all that the Mother means to you. Stitch by stitch through intent, weave your gratitude and love for the Mother as a blessing for the future of the Feminine side of life in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

What is involved?

First of all: Write a prayer or blessing of your future vision of the Mothers Presence in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


A 14inch square of silk or cotton

Create whatever your heart desires within 12 inches of that square (i.e. leave 2 inches all around)

Sew, applique, paint, draw, lace, ribbons - any colour, any design that your heart desires.

Please complete by the Autumn Equinox (March 20th 2017) and post to

Amamelia at: 26 Belmont Lane, Musselburgh, Dunedin 9013.

This quilt will accompany Amamelia in her future sacred journeys in the name of the Mother.

Please let me know if you desire to be a part of this sacred creation.

Blessed Be.


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Call for the Magdalene Energy

Mighty Christ 'I AM' of all the people of Earth, Beloved Mother Akasha,
Princess Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, Ascended Master Mothers,
Beloved Goddesses, Majestic Eloah, we call forth the Magdalene Force,
that sacred geometry, that Magnetic Force that governs the Feminine Principles
of this universe, the Force of Sheet Determination to be charged into
the feeling body of every woman and girl upon this planet, that will rise up
and DEMAND the Equality, Honor, Reverence and Respect that is integral
to the feminine aspect of God!


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